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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"Election 2004"

So far 2004 has been marked by battle after battle of Red vs. Blue, and I'm not talking about you and your friends playing Halo. Yes, it is election season which means everyone on earth begins some kind of ad/publicity campaign based on an election theme. has started their own deal with the Purist Party vs. Progressive Party election, with an objective to determine what kind of fans the website has I guess. Normally I stay away from their SportsNation material since I begin to lose faith in the future everytime I read something like "WTF WAHT R U TLAKING ABOUT?!? HTE FLORDIA GAYTORS R TEH SUCK!!!1!!11! OMG -NoleFan1992" but this might actually interest me enough to follow. After reading the Purist Party platform, I definitelyfall in with it since I agree with everything but reviving the Southwestern Conference (why?) and abolishing the DH. The DH rule has been around longer than I have so it's an accepted part of baseball to me, plus I'd rather see Edgar Martínez bat than Jamie Moyer, and enjoyed seeing Harold Baines bat a lot more than I would have liked watching "Black" Jack McDowell bat.

Since I am a nerd, it would make sense that I would be a part of the number-crunching, SABR-loving Progressives, but I just can't put that much stock in stats alone like they do. If the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the playoffs this year, if they meet at all, it won't be because of Theo Epstein running equations over off-seasons but because of a New York pitching staff that's brittle both physically (Kevin Brown) and mentally (Mike Mussina, Javier Vasquez) with an over-worked bullpen. Besides, I don't know if anyone will be able to beat Walt Jocketty's
Cardinals, who without the help of the SABR crowd seem to be doing just fine, thanks. The Red Sox "curse" has nothing to do with making the World Series anyway, as they have done so several times since selling the Babe, but everything to do with winning the thing. Plus the Sox had to scuttle their OBP/SLG/OPS plan a bit by trading Nomar Garciaparra for players with weaker offensive stats because they badly needed defense. Once they stopped giving out unearned runs like retirement pension checks in Palm Beach County, they got hot and made a run for the AL East crown and recently clinched a playoff spot.

And finally, at long last the Expos have a new home: Washington, DC. The long-suffering franchise finally gets "rewarded" with a future in a city where baseball has failed twice, and that's if their former Expos owners' lawsuit is settled. One of the worst cases of mismanagement in the history of pro sports has ended, and here's wishing some luck to the Expos as they try to become accepted in a city that the current Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers found to be unable to support a baseball franchise. The Rangers still own the rights to the name "Washignton Senators," so we'll have to see if/when the traditional name for the Washington franchise returns.


  • At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm kind of sad to see the Expos go, since they used to be "Canada's Team" back in the day. But I guess when local support falls apart there's not much else you can do. It's too bad when historical teams go sour. You know, like the Chicago Blackhawks..


  • At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    DC getting the Expos is a great move for baseball, but an awful move for the city. They are giving away the rights to RFK stadium and are paying to build the new stadium for the team in Southeast DC in about 3 years. This corporate welfare for owners is absurd! DC is shelling out over 300 million dollars to get a franchise that it will have no naming rights to and only recieve returns on the annual stadium leases. Leave it up to our nation's capital to bring a team into a market that no longer sells out Camden Yards just 30 miles away.

  • At 12:42 AM, Blogger TSB said…

    It is very sad, Lauren, especially when you consider their best season ever was the 1994 strike year. I mean that team was Loaded, with a capital L.

    Yeah, I was surprised at the deal too, Nick. The future new owners really are stepping into a sweet deal. Once again, this is all provided the deal goes through. Jeffery Loria is suing, people in Montreal might sue, and it all must be approved by the DC city council and Congress. Also, the DC mayor has said that he doesn't want them to use the name "Senators," which opens up to endless possibilities, including, as suggested by some ESPN people, The Captiol Punishment. I like that, and it's not like the city doesn't already have a controversial team mascot (cough, Redskins, cough).


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