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Monday, September 27, 2004

Sunday Wrapup

No broadcast yesterday as life was disrupted by the arrival of Hurricane Jeanne...

Before getting into the NFL, perhaps I should mention that I could be wrong about USC being in the top tier with Oklahoma. The Trojans' win over Stanford was wholly unimpressive, and at the beginning of the season I was not so sure they'd steamroll everyone due to a lack of depth at receiver. Reggie Bush made up for it up until Saturday when he came back down to earth a bit. Only Steve Smith, the sole returning starter from last year, had a good day. The lack of receiving caught up to them once, and it's only a matter of time before it happens again. Also in the college department, it should be interesting to see how FSU plays without injured QB Chris Rix. The receivers and offensive linemen at FSU conspired against him back when they had an alternative (Adrian McPherson), and now that they have one again, will they step up their game?

Peyton Manning had an impressive game in an instant-classic shootout with Brett Favre. No one ever doubted his ability to light it up in the regular season. We'll see what happens come December. Not only does he have the can't-win-a-big-game reputation, but so does his coach Tony Dungy, providing the Colts with a double shot of bad karma espresso. It seems that it doesn't matter if the opposing defensive coordinator is Tux the Penguin, Peyton will find a way to lose the the big game (he never beat Florida in college at Tennessee either, leading to so many Citrus Bowl jokes). The Colts in terms of the getting to the Super Bowl are in the situation like FSU winning over Miami or Georgia over Florida - you just can't pick them until they actually do it.

For all the talk of Miami being bad, the Bucs sure are brutal this year. They are my team and will be forever, but this is awful. Tampa games have never been good games to watch, but at least they won most of them a few years ago. Still, I can't complain because they just won the Super Bowl two years ago. I probably don't have a right to complain for another three or four years. I'll bet the Chargers or Bengals would love to be in the situation of having won it all two years ago.

Yesterday was not a great day on the health front. Five guys, including Bears QB Rex Grossman (ACL) and Bucs RB Charlie Garner (knee), were lost for the season, and Rich Gannon is out six weeks with a broken vertebra. Kerry Collins went to Oakland to start, and now he gets his chance.

Jacksonville has won three games but has scored just 35 points on the season. Byron Leftwich isn't putting up the numbers he did at Marshall, but now that he's had some NFL experience all he does is find ways to win, and that's all you can ask of a quarterback.

I'll go ahead and say it for everyone who won't: maybe Kurt Warner's injury affected him a lot more than people thought.

Finally, I think I'd take Daunte Culpepper over every other NFL quarterback right now. He has more yards than Peyton Manning (despite his 393 yards against the Packers), has an 8-1 TD-INT ratio (Manning's is 9-1), and averages 4 yards per carry. Michael Vick is a better runner and Tom Brady has the playoff experience (and has a better defense to fall back on), but for the total package, I have to go with Culpepper. How UCF managed to get him over UF, FSU, Miami, and every other major college program, I will never understand.


  • At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had an excellent week in fantasy football. Even my TE got a touchdown (Witten, Dallas). The local wing joint has a new Monday Night Football buffet... all you can eat wings, fries, mac salad, and drinks for $8 on Monday night during the game. Wicked hot.

    I also drove up to Geneva (NY, not Switzerland) to watch the Sunday games with some old alum friends of mine. They have the digital cable NFL package. They are teaching me the ways of football so that I'll hopefully discover something to obsess over while the NHL fixes itself.


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