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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Back to Baseball

In addition to the turmoil in the Florida football program, oh yeah, the World Series is going on. Curt Schilling likely has made his final start of the year, which might end up being bad news for the Red Sox. Sure, the Cardinals have Tony LaRussa managing them and that's always a disadvantage for you in the playoffs, but it's no sure thing that Boston will uncork the champaigne at Busch Stadium. The Cards are undefeated in the postseason at home, and now return to Missouri for a potentially momentum-building three-game set before returning to Fenway, if necessary. In addition, the St. Louis lineup has not been itself in the Series yet, and if the home cooking wakes them up, watch out Boston. Pedro Martinez starts Game 3, and though he's not facing the Yankees, he still is past his years of consistency and might lose it at any time.

Speaking of losing it at any time, Derek Lowe is starting Game 4. Yes, he closed out the New York series with 6 excellent innings, but you just never know which Derek Lowe will take the mound beforehand. Then, in Game 5 it's Tim Wakefield again, who was the starting participant in a slugfest a few nights ago. Things are far from over, and the Sox should know that very well not only from this year, but from 1986 when they jumped out to a 2-0 lead on the Mets and looked like they might then close it out going home to Fenway.

Well, I still don't think that Steve Spurrier will take the Florida job in the end, but he made some comments on the Zook firing that amounted to "When Jeremy Foley calls, I'll listen to what he has to say." Some of his exact words were " that [Zook] doesn't have a job, I guess there will be some discussions. We'll see what happens." Read one way, that could mean that he's interested in returning to UF. I did see a video clip of him making those statements though, and he didn't sound excited at all; in fact it was more of his patented "God didn't smile on the Gators today" tone that he always spoke in after losses. I think that might actually be code for "We'll see how soon the Dolphins fire Dave Wannstedt." ESPN's Chris Mortenson thinks that Spurrier can have another shot at the NFL, and in the short excerpt you can read before the Insider "pay up now" notice, Atlanta Falcons GM Rich McKay agrees, and says he thinks there are a few others in the league that would too.

Either way, it certainly will not be a one-man search. This ordeal is, however, bad news for Urban Meyer, who said he had to turn his cell phone off because of how many friends and family members were calling him about the UF job. According to the Independent Florida Alligator, the UF student newspaper, reporter Michael Lewis of the Salt Lake Tribune has said that a big-time program would be able to pry Meyer away from Utah due to his desire to win a national title. Though I think Meyer would be an excellent choice for the job, it won't be a two-man search either. UF President Bernie Machen prides himself on building diversity, so you can bet he won't want to get anything less than an A in his first UF coaching search when the Black Coaches Association releases their annual coach search grades next fall. I think that Foley also has realized the folly of trying to keep in in the UF family since UF has not had a long tradition of winning football (unless he wants the next coach to be Buddy Teevens or Brian Schottenheimer, or he decides to stage the dramatic return of Galen Hall). Right now the university is only allowed to talk to unemployed coaches like Spurrier or the don't-even-bother-mentioning-him candidate Frank Solich, so there won't be any news on the replacement front anytime soon that isn't more Spurrier rumors. At least this time, they will have a good amount of time to make a decision.


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