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Thursday, October 21, 2004

BoSux No More

On a chilled night in late October, on the grandest stage of stage of them all, the Boston Red Sox overcame precedent, predictions, and history itself in vanquishing the New York Yankees in decisive manner, 10-3. Boston has turned into Bedlam. The Sons of Sam Horn can barely contain themselves. The Red Sox win the pennant. Over the Yankees. In Yankee Stadium. After going down 3-0 for the series. With Derek Lowe starting. Even the greediest of Boston fans would never have written that script.

In the end, the Yankees' downfall was exactly what everyone had thought it would be before the season: a lack of pitching. Especially once Javier Vazquez lost it after the break (even more especially after starting the 22-0 game), it was only a matter of time before their thin rotation came back to bite them. Orlando Hernandez's Return from Nowhere patched the hole for a while, but for as little as he had been pitching before the Yankees found him again, getting dead arm was almost to be expected. Kevin Brown has always been injury-prone, Mike Mussina is cursed, Vazquez had never felt real pressure in Montréal, and Jon Lieber has been up and down his whole career. Combine that with the fact that Joe Torre used three relievers (Paul Quantrill, Tom Gordon, Mariano Rivera) in their 30s almost exclusively during the regular season, and that's big trouble. Just like with this past season's Lakers, a lack of depth behind the regulars cost the Yankees a title. When your take on depth is Tony Clark, Tanyon Sturtze, and Felix Heredia, you can't expect to win a title.

Perhaps for revenge for what happened with their Game 5, the Cardinals and Astros decided to have their own 12-inning classic in Game 6 to bleed over into the ALCS time slot. While the Astros do have Roger Clemens starting Game 7, three innings of Brad Lidge this evening may come back to bite them. By starting Pete Munro, Houston was basically saying it didn't care much about winning this game, so why ensure that Lidge won't be available for the game they're actually going to try to win? That will be huge if tomorrow's game is close late, especially since Clemens just can't finish games anymore like he could when he was younger.

As for now though, savor history being made. I am not a Boston fan. I am a Baltimore fan when it comes to the AL. While watching tonight's game I really thought to myself a couple times, "Man, if only the Orioles would get some good pitching..." Still, seeing the Yankees lose is priceless to an Orioles fan, and seeing a 3-0 series lead erased is even more priceless as it has never happened in baseball history. You remember these moments, because if it took over a century for it to happen once, asking for it again in your lifetime is a bit much, don't you think?


  • At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And in the end, it just doesn't matter, because the Sox will lose next week anyway. This is just another way to punish Boston fans... let them think they've crossed the hurdle, then shatter their spirits like ice statues in the wake of a bulldozer. The gods of sports are cruel beings.

    I'm happy the Yankees were defeated, though. The hockey fan in me despises high-income teams that build up their wins via the UFA market... you know, like all of the three major pro sports.



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