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Friday, October 29, 2004

Fantasy Team

Well, AutoDraft didn't do all that bad of a job, I must say. I feel good about my team. I don't have too many outright superstars, but most of my players are looking good for this year. I have a lot of consistent guys, which is comforting too. I only ended up with one true stiff, Chris Kaman, so I dropped him and hopefully I'll get Charlotte's Primoz Brezec, if he clears waivers after another owner dropped him for Raef LaFrentz, as a replacement. Sure, Brezec is somewhat of a stiff too, but Kaman injured his ankle recently and Brezec, a starter for the Bobcats, has shown the ability to put up nice numbers against teams with no real inside presence (like the entire East except Miami). I also dropped injury-prone Jerry Stackhouse as he is in decline, and most scorers' averages drop in Dallas. I replaced him with Darius Miles, who is a bit of a risk, but he had his best season so far in Portland last year and is not injured. He was drafted out of high school, so if we imagine his years with the Clippers and Cavs as college, last year was his rookie season. He's just to fortify the bench as I have no confidence in Stackhouse. So here's the squad:

PG Carlos Arroyo
SG Michael Redd
G Cuttino Mobley
SF Steven Jackson
PF Elton Brand
F Kenyon Martin
C Chris Bosh
C empty (pending Brezec)
Utility Grant Hill
Utility Tim Thomas
Bench Darius Miles
Bench Jamaal Tinsley
Bench Jiri Welsch

If I find I need more assists and am doing okay on points, I'll put Tinsley in over Arroyo. I'm assuming Arroyo will be back for the opener. I'll have to monitor his sprained ankle. Center is my biggest concern. I just hope Bosh will continue to improve and a) I get Brezec and b) he does well, because the best alternative without trading something good is Antonio Davis. Ouch.


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