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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Finishing the Job

As noted, the Braves lost in the postseason again, confirming once again how they are one of the weakest dynasties in sports. So many division titles in a row, so little to show for it. The streak should have ended in 1994 when the Expos had the best record in baseball, but the strike killed that year (and a good portion of the love for baseball in Montréal) and allowed the Braves streak to continue. It's surpassed in the useless-streak department only by the St. Louis Blues' streak of making the playoffs 24 straight years without even a single title to show for it. Atlanta at least won it all in 1995.

And how about Tom Gordon and that cork? He's been around long enough that he should know how to celebrate correctly. Perhaps he needs to look into some personal celebration protection like Pedro Martinez did.


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