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Friday, October 01, 2004

Football Preview

Believe it or not, Florida's game against Arkansas tomorrow scares me more than anything else on the Gators' remaining schedule. LSU doesn't have a quarterback, Georgia doesn't have an offense, and Chris Rix doesn't have a clue (or possibly a job depending on how Wyatt Sexton plays). The Razorbacks, however come a week before LSU, giving the option of a look-ahead game, and they have a mobile quarterback in Matt Jones. Mobile QBs always give the Gators fits. UF is a nice 4-1 all-time against Arkansas, the Gators won last year, and Arkansas' run defense is shaky at best (run, Ciatrick, run!) so this worry may be for naught. It's going to be another too-close-for-comfort game I think, with the Gators finally putting it away in the fourth quarter.

This week also appears to be a Let's-all-help-out-Florida-in-the-SEC-East week with Auburn poised to beat Tennessee (the Vols really aren't that good, I promise) and LSU poised to beat Georgia like they did twice last year. As long as the Gators hold up their end of the bargain and take care of the Hogs, making up for the Tennessee "loss" will be all but complete, pending Georgia's eventual win over Tennessee and Florida's inevitable win over Georgia.

The West Virginia-Virginia Tech game may be the Mountaineers' last chance to lose this year prior to the bowl season. It is astounding how many teams this fall look like they have a legitamate shot at running the table before January: Oklahoma, WVU, Utah, the Boise State-Fresno State winner, and the Cal-USC winner, and those with outside chances include Ohio State (Michigan and Wisconsin at home, no Minnesota), Minnesota (must win at Michigan, but no Ohio State), Auburn (already beat LSU, no Florida, Georgia at home, but must win SEC title game), and the Virginia-Miami winner (FSU is only other true ACC contender and is woefully inconsistent). However, that's why college football is fun. It is higly unlikely that more than one or two of those teams will run the table, and so that is why the Georgia Techs, Purdues, Oregon States, and BYUs of the world become so important - they probably won't win their conference, but they will pull off an upset or two to make things interesting. The NFL is not, nor ever will be due to its smaller size, as wide open as college football, and that's why I like college football more than the pros. That, and the concentration of games where both teams don't reach 20 is much lower in the NCAA.

Speaking of the NFL, this is for my friend Nick who pitched a fit over ESPN predictions and demanded retribution even though I don't do the NFL on Fridays: Jacksonville is like Rodney Dangerfield - they get no respect. More people should be picking the Jags over the Colts in Sunday's matchup. Talk about an underrated team. There, was that good? Actual NFL coverage is coming tomorrow after the Gator game, and I promise no more of that about a team who has been picked as this year's surprise team by nearly everyone alive.


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