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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Football Wrap-up

Well, that wasn't exactly what I meant when I said it'd be uncomfortably close until the Gators put it away in the fourth quarter. It was more deja vu to last year. Still, Chris Leak got his game back which is an encouraging sign. The +3 turnover margin also was also excellent. Ciatrick Fason didn't run wild like I thought he would, but then again he only had 18 carries this time (as opposed to 31 vs. Kentucky) and DeShawn Wynn found his way out of the dog house enough to get some carries. Also, the defense seemed to take much of the second half off. It's hard to blame them since it was wickedly hot at the game, but the fact still remains that this team cannot close out games. That really needs to be fixed soon.

Well, LSU didn't hold up its end of the bargain against Georgia at all today. That means they will probably be mad coming to Gainesville next week, which when they're already mad about last year isn't necessarily a good thing. Still, UF didn't need LSU to beat UGA because as long as the Gators run the table they'll go to Atlanta. It would have been nice insurance though. At time of press, Auburn is holding up its end of the deal, happily. Tennessee probably has two to three conference losses in them this year (not counting the one they should already have) because as I said, the Vols really are not that good. Really.

It was likely West Virginia's last chance to lose today, so they went ahead and cashed in the opportunity, falling to Virginia Tech 19-13. Strike one team off yesterday's list, and forget Lee Corso's preseason prediction of WVU making the title game. Due in part to that loss, Florida should be up to number 13 in the polls with the Mountaineers, LSU, and the Auburn-Tennessee loser likely falling back behind the Gators.

I promised some NFL, so here we go. Jacksonville-Indianapolis appears to be the best game of the week, with the top question being whether the Jaguars can score enough points to keep up with the Colts. In the regular season it's very difficult to pick against Indy unless they're faced with another offensive powerhouse (like Minnesota) or they play New England. Tampa Bay will host Denver in a matchup of two offenses that seem to get lost quite a bit. Look for a low-scoring snoozer. After week 1 the Washington-Cleveland game looked to be a good one, but not anymore since Joe Gibbs has lost his momentum and Cleveland lost their soldier, Kellen Winslow, Jr. That game might end up being a football wasteland. Oakland-Houston and Atlanta-Carolina appear to be intriguing games, though if the Falcons keep Michael Vick handcuffed in the West Coast Offense, Carolina should have no trouble. The Monday Night game, Kansas City at Baltimore, looked good before the season, but KC has fell flat on its face with no defense to speak of (still) and Baltimore has been uninspiring.


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