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Friday, October 15, 2004

Midnight Madness

Tonight is Midnight Madness night all across the college basketball world. It's a nice way for schools to get people excited about the upcoming season, and make a few bucks on a night of selling concessions. The whole reason why it exists is that prior to the season there is a set amount of time that coaches and players are not allowed by the NCAA to be on the same basketball court at the same time to ensure everyone gets the same amout of preseason practice time. Tomorrow is the day where they officially can reunite on the hardwood, hence everyone going nuts at midnight. A few years back only the traditional big-time programs (like Kansas and Kentucky, among a few others) would put on these events, but now it's almost a requirement for any school that wants itself to be taken seriously to have one of these events. Just about everyone calls their event Midnight Madness, but some programs have their own special name like Kansas' Late Night In The Phog, North Carolina's Late Night With (Fill in Current Coach's Name Here), or Kentucky's Big Blue Madness.

I will be attending Florida's Midnight Madness tonight, with comments to come tomorrow after the football game. Unfortunately, they have included a gimmicky "Gator Idol" final to crown the best American Idol wannabe on campus, with a special guest appearance by a "real American Idol celebrity guest." I apologize now if I have nothing to write about tomorrow, because if this "celebrity guest" ends up being William Hung, I may just have to walk out.


  • At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You forgot one very important thing about midnight maddness, it was founded at the University of Maryland in the 70s. In fact Maryland was the only school to do it for several years until the other big programs started to catch on to it. So tonight as you embark on your midnight maddness fun (as I will be in just a couple of minutes) just remeber you have the Terps to thank for it!


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