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Sunday, October 10, 2004

More Football

The polls are out and Florida is consensus #22. That's about right, I think.

Updated list of possible unbeatens:
Boise State
the Virginia-Miami winner

Wisconsin moves on earlier than I thought it would due to how impressive the win over Ohio State was. There are other teams that are currently undefeated that aren't on the list because it's not probable that they will go unbeaten due to tough upcoming games, including Southern Miss (will probably run the table until Dec. 4 vs. Cal), Arizona State (still must play USC and Cal), Louisville (though everything changes if they can upset Miami), Purdue (still must play Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin) and Oklahoma State (which still must play Oklahoma and Texas Tech). Also, honorable mention goes to Stetson University, which not only is undefeated this season, but has never lost a football game in its history.

The worst off-season move in college football from how things look right now was Nebraska firing Frank Solich. Was Solich's 9-3 record last year really that bad? Husker fans can gripe all they want about his teams, but they never lost to anyone like the 70-10 score Texas Tech just hung up on them, officially the worst loss in Husker history. I still can't figure out how the Red Raiders lost to New Mexico, other than that it was on the road. If Oklahoma somehow loses to Kansas State again (not likely, as K-State just lost to Kansas) and then to Oklahoma State (entirely possible, given the track record) then Tech might go to the Big XII title game if they can beat Texas in two weeks. Things are starting to get desperate on Nebraska message boards (and strange - what is a UCF fan doing posting on a Nebraska board for over a year?).

Kyle Orton finally threw an interception (two, in fact) in Purdue's close win over Penn State, proving he is actually human this year. I still think the Heisman is his to lose because despite the miscues, his team still won and after all, that's only two INTs on the season.

The NFL has been much kinder to me than college football was yesterday. My Bucs finally won a game over the New Orleans Saints 20-17 behind the leadership of former third-string QB Brian Griese. I think Brad Johnson got a bit of a raw deal with the team's lack of receivers leading to many of his struggles, but at this point I'll take wins however they come.

Congrats to Daunte Culpepper once again, throwing for 396 yards and 5 TD in an OT win over the Texans, with one of the five being the game-winner in overtime. It appears the so-called Madden curse from 2002 has completely worn off and he is back to being unstoppable, bringing up memories of the 1998 Vikings that went 15-1 (the one loss being to the Bucs, by the way). How did Peyton Manning do in comparison to Daunte? Well, there's really no comparison, but he threw for 198 yards with 3 TD and 1 INT. Why do I bring up Manning? Mainly because I don't like him and will take any excuse to rag on him, but also because many people, including Dan Marino, seem to think he's the best QB in the NFL. I couldn't disagree more.

I'll say it again:
maybe Kurt Warner's injury affected him a lot more than people thought.

Finally, congratulations also to the Detroit Lions who moved to 3-1 on the season by becoming the first team to defeat the Falcons, the Rams who defied many prognosticators and became the first team to defeat the Seahawks this year, and the Chargers who improved to 3-2 with a win over the Jaguars. Did any of those "Surprise Team of the Year" pundits who anointed Jacksonville this year predict that through five games the Jags and Chargers would have the same record?


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