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Monday, October 18, 2004

My Man

Once again, Daunte Culpepper has proven himself the dominant quarterback in the NFL. Granted, I could probably throw for at least 100 yards on the Saints defense, but then again, no one else in the league has put up 425 yards and 5 TDs on them this season. Half of the game was without Randy Moss too, showing that Daunte is the straw that stirs the purple Kool Aid, and the runaway front-runner for MVP.

It's possible that this year's late-season disappointment concerning the Dolphins will actually be related to them winning a game, not losing as normal.

I love it when I see sports columnists try to use big words that they don't know how to use. The latest offender is Alan Grant, who in's weekly column about quarterbacks called some of Seattle's early opponents "circumspect, at best, and soft at worst." I believe "suspect" was the word he was looking for. Courtesy of, observe:

circumspect \Cir"cum*spect\, a. Attentive to all the circumstances of a case or the probable consequences of an action; cautious; prudent; wary.

While that may describe Baltimore's offense, it isn't really fit to describe entire football teams, especially when you are making disparaging remarks about them.

I think it's about time to put the myth about quarterbacks from non-BCS leagues needing more time to learn than those from BCS leagues. A good start would be comparing Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer, for instance, but also take a look at Byron Leftwich. A lot of people are surprised at how mobile Big Ben is, but if you paid attention to college football last year and made the effort to watch Miami (OH) play on TV, then his performances would not be a shock at all. I thought on draft day that the Steelers getting Roethlisberger was a steal along the lines of the Vikings getting Randy Moss and the Spurs getting Tim Duncan (lucking out that the one season David Robinson misses for injury just happened to be the one before Duncan graduated).

My Bucs are hanging in there on MNF against the Rams, and actually leading 17-14 at the half. When they signed Brian Griese, it evoked the same kind of feeling I got when I saw them sign Rob Johnson and Ryan Leaf: "Oh great, another washed up QB designed to replace Brad Johnson who will only sit the bench and end up not replacing Brad Johnson." He won last week, somehow, which is encouraging I guess. Anything is better than Chris Simms in my opinion (which drastically differes from a lot of people's opinions) as he has been tainted with the Mack Brown can't-win-anything-that-really-matters curse. Just keep feeding Michael Clayton, and eveything will be okay Brian.

One quick baseball note: for all the hype, the Yankees going up 3-0 on the Sox is wholly unsurprising as the Sox can be emotional wrecks but the Yanks have the cold, calculating stoicism of an assassin. Kind of like their fans, really. However, if you're going to Reverse the Curse, why not do it in style? I mean, it's not like teams recover from a deficit like that all the time or anything. Twelve innings for a win last night and 14 tonight, and scoring with Mariano Rivera on the mound in both to boot.


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