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Monday, October 04, 2004

NFL Wrap-up

Wow, this is a late NFL wrap-up. That's what being busy can get you.

The Jags did indeed lose to the Colts. Poor Nick. In order to beat the Colts, you must score more than 20 points, a feat that Jacksonville has yet to do this year. It was a courageous defensive effort for the Jaguars, but Indy 'D actually showed up too and that made the difference.

The honeymoon is officially over for Joe Gibbs in Washington. He came in with Hall-of-Fame credentials, and he got Clinton Portis to boot, but it has translated into a 1-3 start. The 'Skins have been described as "undisciplined and sloppy" even. Perhaps it wasn't Norv Turner's or Steve Spurrier's but Daniel Snyder's fault for the struggles in the Captiol. If Joe Gibbs can't win under this ownership, then no one can.

Congratulations to the Houston Texans for their first winning streak ever. It's a major psychological hump to get over, and the franchise that everyone seems to be rooting for behind their normal team has finally done it. Back to reality: that's two in a row to become 2-2, and 8-8 won't make the playoffs.

Mike McKenzie finally got his wish after an ugly holdout and other issues with the Packers in getting traded to the Saints today. The Packers in return get most notably a second-round draft pick, but also former Cal-Davis QB J.T. O'Sullivan whom Green Bay apparently has been interested in since he was drafted in 2002. I don't believe I can explain that last part, but with their top two QBs injured, the Packers were bound to make some kind of move. It's probably only a matter of time before Tampa Bay trades its holdout receiver Keenan McCardell too.

I thought that Ben Roethlisberger was the best QB in this year's draft, and thus far he's 2-0. True, those wins were against Miami and Cincinnati, and true, he's got a good running game and defense on his side, but he's one heck of a player. You can have Eli "I Probably Won't Win Anything Either" Manning and Philip "Someone Help Me Find the Other L For My First Name" Rivers, but I'm sticking with Big Ben, thanks.

Everything else: It doesn't even occur to me anymore that the Patriots might lose. Yes, the Falcons are 4-0, but they are fortunate that Warrick Dunn has been playing above himself the past two weeks - something that will not last. Maybe the Giants offensive line isn't so bad. Congrats to Emmitt Smith for returning to form in the Cardinals' first win; Denny Green will get that team turned around quicker than most think. Also congrats to the Chargers for being 2-2, which isn't bad for a team many experts predicted to be 3-13. Can the Dolphins reverse '72 this year? I'm still not happy about the Bucs cutting John Lynch. How do college no-names like Billy Voleck, Craig Nall, Marc Bulger, Jonathan Quinn, Doug Pederson, and Jay Fiedler actually end up in real NFL games? I realize the college and pro games are different, and that some of the guys I mentioned are backups, but are all of the draft analysts that far off? When Bulger was taken by the Saints in the sixth round in 2000, where was he on Kiper's Big Board? Jake Delhomme wasn't even drafted!

Finally, in non-football news, farewell and godspeed to Edgar Martínez, who has now retired after 18 years, all with the Seattle Mariners. He closes out with final career totals of .312 BA, 309 HR, 1261 RBI, 514 2B, 1282 BB, .418 OBP, .516 SLG, and .934 OPS. He was a 7-time all-star and two-time batting champion. He is the definition of professional hitter, and is a hall-of-famer in my book.


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