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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Okay, Enough of That

Back to baseball. John Lieber proved me wrong by outpitching Brad Radke. I really thought the Yankees would return to the House that Hubert H. Humphrey built down 0-2, and almost did thanks to Devil Rays and Blue Jays cast-off Tanyon "How Did I End Up on the Yankees?" Sturtze, but a questionable decision by Ron Gardenhire to leave Joe Nathan in too long allowed the Yankees to come back and win and dredge up all of the dumb "Yankee Magic" nonsense that always rears its ugly head this time of year. If you get through two innings with your closer, you're living on borrowed time as it is, so a third inning is asking a bit much. Sure, Nathan was once a starter, but he wasn't one this year, and the nine-straight balls he threw in the 12th inning should have been a signal to get him out. Torii Hunter gave them the lead in the top of the inning, and if you have to go as far as using three different relievers to get the three outs, you do it because that 2-0 lead going home is worth it. It worked just fine for the Red Sox in their game.

Speaking of the Red Sox, wow. The Angels may be the What-Could-Have-Been team this year, but Boston is the Look-At-What-Is team. The offense is humming right along, the pitching has been excellent from Schilling and Pedro, and the bullpen hasn't blown anything (yet). If they can keep it up, say goodbye to the "Curse of the Bambino," which has been more like the "Curse of Ownership Unwilling to Go as Far for Winning as the Yankees' Ownership until Just Recently." This year would make sense for them to finally break through against the New York because the Yanks are looking an awful lot like this past year's Lakers - overhyped because of big-name acquisitions, but harboring very real depth concerns. If beyond the stars you have to rely on guys like Tanyon Sturtze or Slava Medvedenko, you're in trouble.


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