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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Playoffs and Gators

Well, two nights of LCS baseball down, and the Yankees are enjoying a 2-0 lead with the Cardinals taking a 1-0 lead over the Astros. I didn't expect New York to win the first two games, mainly because I didn't think Schilling's ankle was in as bad of shape as it is. He's going to need surgery, and if it wasn't the playoffs he'd be headed to the DL. Not good news for Boston. Pedro Martinez did admirably against the Daddies, but the Red Sox really should score more than one run against Jon Lieber, unless Lieber is just better than anyone has ever thought or any of his past performances and career stats would indicate. Boston really needs to win three straight at Fenway to feel good about its chances for winning the series, and that's just not too likely to happen, sad to say.

St. Louis meanwhile bludgeoned the Astros tonight for a 10-7 victory. That will probably be the story for Game 2 as Houston will likely have to send Pete Munro to the mound to avoid pitching Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt on short rest twice in the series. As I have stated before, I just don't think anyone will be able to stop the Cardinals' lineup. Larry Walker, one of the best hitters of this generation, bats second. Second! Combine that with starters who are good enough not to give up more runs than they score and an above-average bullpen with a good solid closer, it's over.

Speaking of baseball, the good citizens of Washington DC might not want baseball quite as much as the mayor thought. It seems they want a hospital within city limits and improved schools instead, imagine that. After all of the problems in Montreal, baseball performed a rush job to send the Expos to Washington even though the city and team probably wouldn't be ready for such a quick turnaround. Then, the mayor of DC allows himself to get the city into possibly the most fiscally irresponsible financing deal for a sports team ever which might cause the voters and/or Congress to veto the plan. The Expos just can't seem to get any breaks.

Meanwhile, things just keep getting worse for Ron Zook. Aside from not being able to sleep or eat well since the loss to LSU, some buried news has just surfaced. Apparently days before the Tennessee game, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley sent Zook to a frat house to break up a fight involving football players and ended up leveling some threats towards frat members. Now, this brings up some important questions:

-Why do UF football players seem to get into fights at every party they go to?
-What was Jeremy Foley doing sending Zook to break up a fight instead of the police? Is he afraid of more players getting arrested? Isn't this worse than if the police had been the only ones who had shown up?
-He allegedly said "
I'm not going to let you take the [expletive] football team down." Did Zook actually think that frat guys, who are generally some of the most devoted football fans around Gainesville, want to take the program down?
-What does this mean if Zook can't beat Georgia and/or FSU?

In the end, there's no possible way to spin this. Foley should not have sent Zook to a frat party fight, and Zook should not have acted like he belonged in one. Ultimately his job comes down to wins and losses, and regardless of the reasons, his teams have immense amounts of trouble beating good teams. It's a bit premature, but certainly I wouldn't be the first to offer a list of possible replacements, all of which are contingent that Foley doesn't do another must-be-from-the-Florida-family thing:

-Urban Meyer, head coach, Utah. He has turned Utah into a BCS contender, and earlier this year the Utes not only manhandled a fairly good Texas A&M team, but *gasp* closed them out too. He also has turned QB Alex Smith into a Heisman candidate. It might be difficult to get him to leave, though.

Rich Rodriguez, head coach, West Virginia. The fact that people talked about the Mountaineers going undefeated is as much a sign of respect for him as it is an indictment of the new Big East. He seldom if ever gets outcoached. Once again, getting him to leave West Virginia might be tough.

-Mike Leach, head coach, Texas Tech. If anything, it would end Florida fans' griping about the team not passing enough. Seriously though, his team this year looks like it's turning the corner as the defense might actually be legit for once.

Frank Solich, unemployed. This would just confuse everyone. Still, he has coached in a national title game, but we're talking huge long shot. I don't see Foley wanting to put Chris Leak in Solich's hands.

Steve Spurrier, unemployed. Not a chance in the world. I only mention him to kill the notion right now. When he said he was done coaching the Gators, he meant it. Solich has a better chance of coaching the Gators than Stevearino returning. Foley knows enough not to expect Spurrier to come back, but if he ever got desperate enough to seriously call him about the job, I can imagine how it would go:

Jeremy Foley: Hi Steve, how are you doing?
Steve Spurrier: Just dandy, Jeremy. How 'bout you?
JF: I've been better. I'm sure you heard about Ron.
SS: Yeah I did. You know what, it's just a shame how that worked out.
JF: It was. That means we have a head coaching vacancy, you know.
SS: I noticed. Listen, I got to go catch a plane for a job interview out in Austin. I hear Texas is nice this time of year.
JF: That's what they tell me. Good talking to you, and good luck. You know if things don't work out maybe...
SS: Thanks, you too. (click)


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