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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


In terms of good news, the Yankees lost yesterday and the Braves are in the process of losing today. The three teams I hate the most in sports are: 1) anything FSU, 2) the Braves, and 3) the Yankees. I quite possibly might be the only human alive who doesn't like the Yankees, but dislikes another team more. Facing Johan Santana just isn't pleasant at any time these days, but especially not when he puts you in a 1-0 series hole.

I'm torn over the Astros. I want them to humiliate the Braves, of course, but beyond that I'm not sure. I want Biggio, Bagwell, and Berkman to get their rings, but I can't stand Roger Clemens. At all. Ever. Maybe if the Astros can win it all with Rog losing every one of his starts (or getting no-decisions after falling behind but the 'Stros coming back to win) it would be okay. It's not like he hasn't won a championship before, and denying him now would deny him forever. This is all contingent on my OBTFTP (Official Bandwagon Team for the Playoffs), the Minnesota Twins, not reaching the World Series, but they'll be there. They are my team after all; I wouldn't slander them by picking against them.

The one person I do have sympathy for is Mike Mussina. He just seems like one of those guys destined for several "Best Pitcher Never to..." lists (i.e. win 20 games, win the Cy Young, throw a no-hitter, catch a break, etc). When he pitches in big games, he always does well (like 2 ER in 7 innings yesterday) but got a loss for a quality start due to facing Santana. It's like all those 1-0 losses Randy Johnson had to endure this year. Mussina was on the 1996 Baltimore team that got burned on the Jeffrey Maier incident. He was my favorite pitcher when he was on the Orioles, and I can't blame him for leaving a sinking ship for more money on a good team. Still, he seems like he'll never win a championship. I mean, that Yankee lineup should be able to eke out a run every three innings, right?

Quick note: congrats to the Connecticut Sun for making the finals. They draw a Seattle team that is very similar to themselves only with a little more size. If Sun leading scorer for the playoffs Lindsay Whalen can get to the free throw line more like she did against Washington than New York, and Taj McWilliams-Franklin continues dominance inside against taller players, then the Nutmeg State will celebrate its third basketball championship this year.


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