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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Breaking News

Today Steve Spurrier pulled his name from the running for the UF head coaching job. He explained that he meant what he said about being done with coaching at the University of Florida when he resigned in 2002, and he repeated his line that he thinks a coach should stay at one school no longer than 10-12 years. He also said he is not actively looking for a coaching job.

This is a very good thing for UF in the long run. If Spurrier was to come back, he'd only stay 3-4 years as he has said he doesn't want to coach much into his 60s (he turns 60 in April). That means he'd be at UF just long enough to empty out the cupboard that Ron Zook filled with prize recriuts after Spurrier had left it bare when he left. The Gators might have won the SEC in Spurrier's second tenure, but that's no sure thing with the rise of Georgia, LSU, and Auburn and the return of Tennessee to the top. He would not have won a national title in that short of time as there isn't enough depth on defense and he just doesn't care enough about defense to get it where it would need to be for a title run. The Gators need a good young coach to come in and reenergize the program and stay for a good long period of time, and now that the ol' ball coach has removed his name from the running, Jeremy Foley can go about doing just that. Spurrier needed to turn the job down first, or else the fans and boosters would have treated the next guy the same as they did Ron Zook - never accepting him and never giving him the benefit of the doubt.

As far as replacements go, some recent comments by Boise State's Dan Hawkins make him seem like the perfect guy to come (though I'm not convinced he'll leave Boise not just for Floirda but for any other school). When asked about leading the country in scoring the past two years and this year as well, he said "I don't like to put limiting thoughts on anybody. I tell our players 'Why does the game have to be close?'" Spoken like a true Gator, I think. He also is very confident, telling his players not to shower him with Gatorade after they beat Oregon State... the night before the game. Having a 19-game winning streak to his name also is impressive. Sure it's in the WAC, but how many other WAC teams, or any teams in general, have a 19-game winning streak? He also pulled out a new play for the Hawaii game that he calls the "Houdini Play." On fourth and one around the 50 on the first drive of the game, QB Jared Zabransky pretended to fumble it, half the offense yelled fumble, and while the defense was looking for the ball on the ground, Zabransky threw to the wide open tight end (who dropped the pass unfortunately). That kind of offensive innovation would endear him to the Gator faithful. If Hawkins were to come, at least he wouldn't have to buy too many new clothes as the Broncos from Boise use orange and blue as their colors too.


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