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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Good News and Interesting Stuff

Right now the baseball winter meetings are going on. All of the general managers and agents meet here in Florida to catch up and discuss business. It's the time when most major free agent signings go on, basically. ESPN has put together a top-50 free agents list, and there is some bad news (Carlos Beltran will probably end up a Yankee). However, there is some good news as the experts there seem to think that the Orioles will get both Carl Pavano and Derek Lowe. Pitching is what the Orioles have needed in recent years, so getting both of those guys would be excellent for the ballclub. Either one of those guys has the ability to be a staff ace (Pavano moreso than Lowe these days), and the emergence of one of them in that role would allow Sidney Ponson to drop back in the rotation. Sir Sidney has never seemed all that comfortable in the number 1 starter position, and he just doesn't the stuff or the mental makeup to be an ace. The offense neevr was the problem last year, so with a revamped rotation, they could hang around a lot longer than they did.

There is a comprehensive article on the Maurice Clarett - Ohio State saga right now available too that is a long but interesting read. As it turns out, anyone who knew about Jim Tressel back at Youngstown State would not be surprised at the allegations of misconduct in regards to boosters giving atheletes a few extras. Maurice Clarett's father even compared Tressel to Sargeant Schultz. It's a story with no happy ending. It softens the perception of Clarett some, and certainly makes Tressel look much, much worse in regards to following the rules.


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