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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Head Coach

Well, I thought I was done talking about the UF head coaching job until it gets filled, but I was wrong. First, the position has been listed on the University Athletics Association website right along with two computer positions. The job requirements include a bachelor's degree, something I have not gotten yet, so unfortunately I can't apply.

Second, Ron Zook has finally started to stick up for himself. During his weekely press conference he let off some steam:
"Offensively, they have done a pretty nice job. [We have the] number one running back in the SEC, the number one quarterback in the SEC, the number one receiver in the SEC, number one player in all-purpose yards in the SEC. [We're] first in the SEC in pass offense, first in first downs - which is a big one - first in third downs, second in scoring, and the first staff to be fired."
Notice he didn't say anything about the defense or special teams, two units that have struggled and are supposed to be his specialties. Granted, graduating eight defensive starters can do that to you. I will probably use these stats he's thrown out in a full-fledged case for keeping Ron Zook, because there's enough stuff out there to make it compelling, even though I am fine with him leaving.

Finally, the latest rumor on Steve Spurrier is that he might succeed Lou Holtz at South Carolina. There has to be something cooked up about him since the Miami Dolphins have said they do not plan to talk to him about the job. I think it's more wishful thinking than anything else after reading the whole article. You have to love Spurrier's humor though. In reference to other rumors that have been thrown around, when asked about the South Carolina job, he responded, "South Carolina? What happened to North Carolina?"


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