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Monday, November 01, 2004

Magic Make Trade

Today the Orlando Magic traded G Keith Bogans to the expansion Bobcats in return for F Brandon Hunter, an undersized bruiser who Charlotte acquired from Boston in the expansion draft. At 6'7" he is not big enough to play power forward that often (especially with Dwight Howard filling that roll) so he will fight for small forward minutes with Grant Hill, Pat Garrity, and Hedo Turkoglu.

This trade somewhat makes sense for the Magic, as they have a glut of players who play Bogans' athletic swingman role, but as I described above there won't be too many minutes for him, especially against Western Conference teams. I must confess, I haven't seen Hunter play as he was a rookie for Boston last year and appeared in all of 36 games, so perhaps he plays bigger than he would seem. He is young, and with Bogans' reduced minutes this preseason the Magic probably figured they had nothing real to lose.

On paper at least it's a good trade because rebounding is something the Magic need and they brought in Stacey Augmon as a perimeter defender which further made Bogans expendable. Hunter has only played in five of the Bobcats' preseason games though, which could mean either that he isn't that good or that the team is just experimenting with the almost random assortment of players it has. Probably in the end the Magic were not going to resign Bogans when his current contract runs out with all of the other guys who play his position on the team, and since they knew they were not going to keep him they decided to get something in return for him in another former-second round draft pick who they might want to keep. It is a very good trade for Keith Bogans though because he'll get a chance to turn his flashes of brilliance into sustained brilliance with expanded minutes on the Bobcats. I went ahead and put him on my fantasy watch list because depending on how many minutes he gets, he might outperform Darius Miles this year, and would at least make a good short-term sub in case of injuries.

Speaking of injuries, on my fantasy team I had to put Jamaal Tinsley in the starting lineup as Carlos Arroyo will miss the beginning of the season due to his sprained ankle. Even if he was going to be back and healthy, I probably would have made the substitution anyway as players often are slow to produce when returning from injury, and Tinsley's backup is injured so he'll be getting expanded minutes (a good thing at the beginning of the year when players are fresh).


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