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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Real Men

By now everyone has seen the Pacers-Pistons fight. Everyone involved should share some blame, but the players deserve more than the fans. There's a difference between being a punk and throwing punches at anything that moves. Supposedly, it's all about respect, but fighting doesn't gain you respect. Tim Duncan is probably the most respected man in the league because he takes a beating every night but still plays at a high level without complaining. This just shows how there is a lack of real men in the NBA.

Real men stick to their convictions. You see players wear large crosses and thank the Lord after wins, but turn the other cheek? Whoa, let's not take this too far.

Real men don't allow themselves to get out of control. If you get hit with a full beer cup and are looking for who did it, it would seem to me that a guy holding a full beer cup would not be a likely suspect, but I guess Ron Artest disagrees.

Sure, most of the players in the NBA are good guys, but the problem the league has is that most of the prominent ones aren't. I think Shaq and Kobe have been well-documented. Allen Iverson complains about practice. Vince Carter has become petulent. Carmelo Anthony whines an awful lot.

The one person I feel bad for is Jermaine O'Neal. He is one of the model citizens of the NBA, and has neevr been involved with something like this before. He only went after fans once they entered the court to go after him and his teammates. In other words, only after it became clearly dangerous did he swing at someone. I expect his suspension to be shortened.


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