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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Real Start

I've been really busy today and it will only continue, so this is going to be short. Tonight really is the start of the NBA season with nearly all of the teams playing. So far the Magic are falling behind the Bucks, unfortunately, and the lineup keeps getting shuffled around quite often. It will probably be like that until Johnny Davis can really get a handle on which conbinations work well. Grant Hill doesn't seem to be having any problems, scoring a solid 8 points in the first quarter.

All of my fantasy players so far are doing relatively okay, but they all are missing a lot of shots. The Jamaal Tinsley - Steven Jackson combo in Indiana looks really promising. One big decision I'm looking at is whether to drop Jiri Welsch for Maurice Taylor. I'll reevaluate after tonight's games, but right now Taylor is not looking too inspiring. I also put Carlos Arroyo on the injured list and took on Marquis Daniels, who I couldn't believe was still available. When he gets healthy, he could end up being a fantasy hoss for me. I may just drop Welsch for Daniels, depending on how Darius Miles does.


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