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Saturday, November 20, 2004


Today is a day to right wrongs. Today is a day to return favors. I have waited impatiently for today for an entire year.

What do you call an FSU grad with a resumé?
An optimist.

A year ago, a game was stolen out of the Gators' hands, against their biggest rivals. Mostly in the first half, a series of 5 to 6 horrifically bad calls on fumbles went the 'Noles ways. Obvious fumbles by FSU players were reversed because they were "down" (when they obviously weren't) and UF players were determined to have fumbled even though their knee was clearly on the turf.

Why did Chris Rix get mad at Bobby Bowden for taking his playbook away?
He hadn't finished coloring it yet.

At the end of the game, the UF secondary allowed FSU to get convert on 4th and 14 and then score on a 52-yard touchdown pass to win the game. Despite all of the blinding stupidity of the referees, the Gators had still taken the lead, but lost it with a minute to go. This led to everyone to say, "Well, the Gators should have covered deep."

How do you know a 'Nole invented the toothbrush?
Because if a Gator invented it, it'd be called the teethbrush.

That is a completely ignorant comment. That shows a total lack of understanding of how games work. In sports, momentum is real. It's a very real psychological edge that teams can gain over one another. Had all of the fumbles been called correctly, or even just the first two, then the Gators jump out to a 14-0 or 21-0 lead in the first quarter, gaining huge amounts of momentum and crushing FSU mentally.

How do you make an FSU grad's car more aerodynamic?
Take the pizza delivery sign off the top.

UF had that game. They should have hung half a hundred on FSU, and scored at least 28 points in the first half. But they didn't, and it was not their fault. It should have been out of hand early. We should have seen Gavin Dickey in the second half. None of that happened, and it was through no fault of the Gators.

What's the only thing UF and FSU students have in common?
They both got into FSU.

This all happened at home, where teams usually get the benefit of the doubt. It happened on senior day, disgracing a worthy class of Gators. Today is the day to make up for it. Today is the day the Gators need to dig deep and find a way to punish the 'Noles for last year. The game plan was absolutely perfect last time, so the current staff knows exactly how to exploit FSU. It is the year of vengeance, something 18-year-old streaks cannot stand in the way of. Today, Revenge Is Ours.


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