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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Weird News

According to those who think they know, Steve Spurrier has agreed in principle to coach South Carolina next year assuming that Lou Holtz retires. I'm not sure what to make of this. Though Holtz has been hinting all year at retiring, at heart he's an old softy and it will be hard for him to say goodbye to his players. Plus, I don't think it's agood fit for Spurrier. The players who are there were recruited to run a different kind of system than the one he employs. Granted, no one else uses a system quite like Steve's, but going to a school that at least is already pass-oreinted would make more sense.

In addition, who says Spurrier can win there? Lou Holtz is a hall-of-fame caliber coach who has won a national title, just like Stevie. I'm sure Holtz would have won a good share of conference titles if Notre Dame was not an independent. Despite all of that going for him, and the fact he's a likeable guy, he couldn't get top players to come to South Carolina. There's no guarantee that Spurrier will get good players there until he wins, creating a chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Another big question is who he will get to run the defense, a side of the ball he cares nothing about except exploiting.

In basketball news, Grant Hill played 41 minutes last night and scored 32 points, his most in years. It's great to see how well he is doing, not only for the Magic but because he's a great guy. I was convinced before the season he'd be back for good, and it looks like he is. That's why I was so frustrated about the Magic rushing to trade Tracy McGrady to "rebuild" the team. With an all-star coming from nowhere for them like this, they were not that far off from competing. The trade hasn't been disastrous by any stretch with the team off to a solid 5-3 start and a so-far undefeated home record. The latter part is the most important part in my mind. Back in the Magic's Shaq/Penny heyday, the O-Rena was one of the toughest places to play in the league because for how loud the fans were. With the team on a winning track, featuring two certain all-stars and a rookie who doesn't know what it's like not to grab at least ten rebounds in a game yet, they are an exciting team full of promise. It won't be long before there's a packed house every night.

Many people wondered why the Magic didn't let Johnny Davis go and hire someone else with a more attractive track record as coach, but if not for the Sonics' surprising 8-game winning streak that is saving Nate McMillan's job even now as I type this, Davis would probably be the top coaching story of the year so far. He took the core of a mediocre Rockets team surrounded by inexperience and players coming back from injury, who barely knew each other at all, and made them into enough of a team that they beat the league's new powerful darlings (the Jazz) at their own game. Bravo, Johnny, keep up the good work.


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