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Monday, November 01, 2004

What Happened?

When did the NFL become college football? The Chiefs and Colts combining for 1,095 yards was a bit predictable (and is further proof that those great Tampa defenses were not the work Tony Dungy but of Monte Kiffin and Rich McKay), but eight teams broke the 30 point barrier, and Jake Plummer of all people threw for 499 yards.

The biggest news was that the Patriots finally lost, breaking their 21-game win streak. The streak has been on borrowed time for a while, and a team can win only so many close games in a row. It's a bit like how Ohio State was last year leading up to the loss at Wisconsin to end their winning streak - by the number of close games that should not have been close, you knew it was coming eventually. What finally pushed the Pats over the edge into the loss was not the Red Sox stealing karma, but the rather mundane issue of injuries: RB Corey Dillon sat out and CB Ty Law left the game early. The Steelers' win also added to the Myth of Ben Roethlisberger Already in Progress. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I thought he was the best QB in the draft, and he keeps proving me right. For those of you counting at home, that's a win in his past 18 starts, with his last loss coming to Iowa in Miami (OH)'s first game of last season. Yes, that's right, he lost to Iowa but beat New England. Turn that one over in your mind, Bill Belichick.


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